This corrosive Acidic attack dissolves all of the opponents’ pieces within range, leaving nothing behind but a damaged and uninhabitable tile.


This will activate Bankrupt sensors on all of the vacant tiles within the row. If an opponent moves onto one of these tiles, all of their powers, along with all of their beneficial mods, will be drained.


This will drop an onslaught of deadly bombs randomly over the arena. It will smash any piece it lands on, lower any tile it hits, and will even punch holes through tiles that are at their lowest elevation.


Description not implemented yet.

Climb Tile

This will attach Climb Tile lift thrusters to a piece, giving it the ability to climb to higher platforms, scale raised walls, and get out of sunken pits.


This devastating Destroy attack obliterates all of the opponent’s pieces within range, leaving no trace behind.


Any tiles that you occupy within range will be raised to their maximum elevations. In contrast, any tiles that the opponent occupies in the same area will be sunken to their lowest elevations. This can be used as an advantage for you while trapping an opponent in a pit.

Flat To Sphere

This will apply a web of Flat To Sphere light beams to a piece, giving it the ability to move from one edge of the arena to the opposite edge. Many range powers will benefit from this feature as well, allowing the powers to spill over to the other side.

Grow Quadradius

This will protract a Grow Quadradius antenna out of the piece, growing the impact area of powers such as Row, Column, and Radial. Row and Column powers will grow from 1 row or column to 3, while Radial powers will grow from a 3x3 area to a 5x5.


This will activate a Hotspot energy outline onto the tile, allowing any piece from that squadron to move there. It works like a one way teleport, but one that the opponent can not use.


This will apply an orb-blocking Inhibit band to the perimeter of all of the opponent’s pieces within range. They will not be able to pick up any Power Orbs while this band is in place.


Description not implemented yet.


Description not implemented yet.


This will cause all of the tiles within range to Invert their elevations. Raised tiles will sink, and lowered tiles will elevate. Neutral elevation tiles will remain unchanged.

Jump Proof

This will encase the piece in an armored, Jump Proof shell, making it impervious to a Jump Attack. While it can still be attacked with powers, no one can crush the piece by stomping on it.


This is a chaotic, Kamikaze energy attack that knows no alliances and obliterates every one of the pieces within range.


Description not implemented yet.

Lower Tile

This lowers the tile that the piece sits on. It can be used to carve out a step, which can be used by other pieces at lower elevations to get to higher locations.

Move Again

This will expose a Move Again disc on the piece that will allow it to maintain its turn and remain in control after it makes a move. This can be used to make two moves per turn.

Move Diagonal

This will illuminate Move Diagonal spotlights on the piece that will allow it to move in a diagonal fashion. It is then able to move in any direction, traversing the arena much more quickly.


This will wedge open a Multiply energy portal next to the tile. When the tile is uninhabited, a new piece will materialize on the tile, adding to the squadron.

Network Bridge

Description not implemented yet.


This will activate the Orb Spy linkage lights on all of the tiles within range. This will allow you to see what powers are contained in the Power Orbs before you pick them up. Your opponent, however, will not know what powers are contained in the orbs.

Orbic Rehash

This will send a Rehash frequency command out across the entire arena, triggering all Power Orbs to remove themselves and re-appear onto new tiles.


Description not implemented yet.


This will steal all of the opponents’ powers within range, possibly creating a highly skilled piece with multiple powers, while leaving the opponents pilfered with nothing in their power inventory.

Plus One

Description not implemented yet.

Power Dump

This will allow a piece to dump all of its powers back into a tile orb. This can be used to exchange powers, avoid losing powers, or ditch powers to pick up later.

Power Plant

Description not implemented yet.


This will remove all of the negative mods from your pieces within range, while keeping the beneficial mods intact. In addition, this power will also remove all beneficial mods from opponents within range, leaving them only with debilitating mods.

Raise Tile

This raises the tile that the piece sits on. It can be used to build a step and allow access to higher locations or to get out of sunken pits.


This invasive Recruit attack will turn all of the opponent’s pieces within range into your own pieces, giving you full control over them.


This will expose Recursive movement discs on the piece that will allow it to maintain its turn and remain in control if each successive jump is on top of another piece. This can be used to make multiple moves per turn.


This will initiate a Refurb cleanse on all of the tiles within range. All of their mods will be removed, along with any power orbs. The tiles will be returned to their pristine, sanitized state.


This will automatically Relocate the piece to an unknown location in the arena, synthesizing onto a random, uninhabited tile.


This will evoke a skull-like insignia onto a piece. When a Scavenger piece jumps on top of any piece, it will collect that piece's unused powers. This modified piece will be able to jump onto its own pieces as well.


Description not implemented yet.

Snake Tunneling

This winding, electrified fuse starts underneath the tile, and blindly wiggles its way across the arena landscape. It will force each tile it encounters to its maximum height, as well as eradicating any enemy pieces it slithers underneath.


This will launch a handful of Spyware copter bugs that will attach themselves to all of the opponents within range. You will then be able to see what powers the pieces have while this bug is attached.


Description not implemented yet.


This will expose a Switcheroo capacitor. This mod will allow the piece to exchange positions with another team piece anywhere in the arena.


Description not implemented yet.


This will dig a Trench of lowered tiles across the arena, or a Moat around the piece. These lowered tiles can be used to keep attackers at bay or sink opponents into an elevation disadvantage.


Description not implemented yet.


This will construct a Wall of raised tiles across the arena or a Plateau around the piece. These raised tiles can be used to keep attackers at bay or to reach higher elevations.